Must-read AS3 books for Flash programmers

Even though we live in a digitized era, and you’re actually reading this from a computer somewhere with an Internet connection, there still remains something to be said about more traditional media like books and their utility even in our modern world filled with smart-phones, net-books, iPads and Kindles.

Whether we’re talking about traditional physical books or e-books, they still exist despite the plethora of focused articles and content on the web related to pretty much any subject in existence and Flash development is no different. In this article we’ll talk about a couple of the books each aspiring Flash developer should read at one point or another during his or her career.

Essential ActionScript 3.0 by Colin Moock
This is considered to be among the best intermediate-to-advanced AS3 books out there. In fact one should only tackle it after mastering the previous book in this list. This book comprehensively covers the fundamentals of programming in ActionScript in a very clear and precise manner. It’s built very well as a learning manual, with chapter one exploring the most basic of ActionScript and then steadily building upon that knowledge chapter after chapter introducing new information and concepts as you read through it.

Learning ActionScript 3.0: A Beginner’s Guide by Rich Shupe and Zevan Rosser
This book benefits from a clear and concise tone where the information is explained to the reader in a very direct manner. While it may not perfectly suit the absolute novice in the field of ActionScripting it will definitely help those who either have some programming background, or those who have worked in AS2 for a while and are looking for that bridge between what they know and what they need to know in order to work with ActionScript 3. The book also helps the student get a better grasp and understand the language with the help of a large number of examples it contains.

ActionScript 3.0 Bible by Roger Braunstein
This title works as a good reference book for most all things ActionScript 3.0; it covers a very wide array of subject pertinent to ActionScript programming while also allowing the reader to be very selective about what he or she might want to read about. At some points it may not be as thorough as some more advanced users would want it to be but on the other hand it does offer clear example as to how to do things. The book can work great in tandem with Moock’s “Essential” and it will definitely work with all the very detailed material available on Adobe’s website.

Now obviously these are only a few of the many ActionScript related books out there, but these are in my opinion, and in those of other more experienced programmers, great tools that can be used from the very first step into ActionScript programming to the later stages.

Of course nowadays with the help of the Internet one can always complement any and all information found in these books with websites and tutorials, but it’s nice to think that regardless of your Internet connection you can always have these on your shelf.

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5 Responses to “Must-read AS3 books for Flash programmers”

  1. thanks!

  2. @gustavo: you’re welcome!

  3. I just happen to land to this site and it is a nicely written article, a little on the short end, but a fairly satisfactory one.
    I definetly adore the layout too, it is altogether very easy to navigate.

  4. Very helpful books, and it’s very nice that you can find PDFs of these online for free.

    Another book I personally would recommend for beginners is “Foundation Game Design With Flash” By Rex Van Der Spuy. The author makes plenty of helpful metaphors and similes for complete understanding of actionscript.