2011 will still be red

Hello and Happy New Year!
2010 has finished and now we are in the beginning of 2011, a start of year with many events already. I hope you learned many things on this blog last year and now you can start to develop your own applications in Flash at a new level. I know that time is very expensive for all of us, but I will try to write as much as I can and to publish fresh and awesome tutorials. Take this as a promise!
Thanks to all my visitors, friends, colleagues and collaborators and hopefully that 2011 will be much productive year, with new tools from Adobe and new skills in Flash. Also, after many stories about HTML5 and how Flash will be erased from the ground or how sheep’s eat the wolf, with all these 2011 will still be a red year. Closing this shortly speech, let me show you a funny game from make-flash, called It’s carols time!

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