About Me

Hello, I’m Robert and here is my short description. I was born in Bucharest, Romania, (January 9th, 1985) where I currently live.

I’m discovered the beauty of Flash in 2003 in high school, when I used to play with Flash files. At that time I didn’t know what Flash can really do, but modifying and compiling them it was enough to catch my attention.

Now I work as a flash developer at Hyperactive, the interactive marketing agency – Lowe Worldwide Bucharest digital division.

I love to do things in Flash like banners, animations, applications, things that I take them usually as a static files and I give them life to interact with people.

I do freelance for fun when I have the time and I really believe that quality and performance are the best flavors you can add when working with Flash. As my senior colleague and mentor (Virusescu) says, “it doesn’t matter how you build an app as long as your logical scheme is right”. I dedicate my free time for this blog and I hope these lessons will help many people, in the same way that other lessons helped me in past.